Legalize Jobs with Shoshana Weissmann

Photo Credit: Getty

March 2, 2023 - Free the Economy is about how we all can become happier, healthier, and wealthier in a world with less government control. We believe in a voluntary society, where consent rather than force governs human interactions. And while the economy we have now offers many opportunities for financial success and self-fulfillment, we know we can do even better.

In episode 10, we talk about the Mercatus Center’s Michael Farren and his case for the abundance agenda, a Washington Post report on social media “deinfluencers,” the House Financial Services Committee and its agenda on ESG investing, the effect of protectionism on the blue-collar workforce, and the need to manage coastal flooding with insurance markets. Our interview this week is with policy analyst and sloth enthusiast Shoshana Weissmann of the R Street Institute. We discuss the problem with state occupational licenses and make the case for why it should be legal to get a job without permission from the government. Free the Economy is hosted by Richard Morrison. Our producers are Scooter Schaefer, Phoebe Gersten, and Ryan Kracinski. Keep up with the show by following us on Twitter: @freethe_economy.