Political Fusionism with Stephanie Slade

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In episode 18, we talk about Michael Strain’s and Dominic Pino’s arguments for economic optimism, Jessica Melugin’s defense of mergers and acquisitions, why the “pink tax” on women’s products is a myth, and Josh Bandoch’s argument for the abundance agenda. Our interview this week is with Stephanie Slade of Reason magazine. We discuss the history of fusionism in American politics, and how it has been frequently misunderstood. We consider questions like “What is the balance between order and liberty?”, “Can people who believe in small government use big government for their own ends?” and “Can libertarians and conservatives stay friends?” Free the Economy is hosted by Richard Morrison. Our producers are Scooter Schaefer, Phoebe Gersten, and Ryan Kracinski. Keep up with the show by following us on Twitter at @freethe_economy and read our episodes summaries with links to the stories we cover at cei.org/blog.