Tar Heel Activism with Brooke Medina

Photo Credit: Getty

In episode 16, we talk about political pessimism in popular polling, the return of the Malthusian environmentalists, the problem with Buy American policies in government subsidies, and the supposed need to “abolish capitalism” before we do anything about housing affordability. Our interview this week is with Brooke Medina of the John Locke Foundation. We discuss politics in North Carolina and how each state in the union can learn from the success and failure of the other 49. We cover taxes, education, occupational licensing, and economic opportunity in general. Free the Economy is hosted by Richard Morrison. Our producers are Scooter Schaefer, Phoebe Gersten, and Ryan Kracinski. Keep up with the show by following us on Twitter at @freethe_economy and read our episodes summaries with links to the stories we cover at cei.org/blog.