Transparency for Government, Privacy for People with Brian Hawkins

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In episode 22, we talk discuss Tim Carney’s view on why big government is good for big business, Stone Washington on the troubling mission creep at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Dan King on protecting Georgia property owners from getting their property seized, and Alec Stapp and Pat Hedger on the puzzling bus project in Los Angeles called “La Sombrita.” Our interview this week is with Brian Hawkins of People United for Privacy. We discuss government transparency, confidential donor lists, the IRS, state attorneys general who leak information, and the ongoing legacy of the famous civil rights case NAACP v. Alabama (1958). Free the Economy is hosted by Richard Morrison. Our producers are Scooter Schaefer, Phoebe Gersten, and Ryan Kracinski. Keep up with the show by following us on Twitter at @freethe_economy and read our episodes summaries with links to the stories we cover at