Biden’s Revisionist History, Green Products, and Four Loko

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Biden’s Revisionist History

Vice President Joe Biden claims that “[e]very single great idea that has marked the 21st century, the 20th century and the 19th century has required government vision and government incentive.”

Research Associate Alex Schibuola disagrees with the Vice President.

“Would Mr. Biden like to also step up and claim credit for the following government achievements too? Roosevelt’s Japanese internment camps, legitimacy of slavery in the world, inflation, war after war after war, Jim Crow laws, nuclear weapons, biological weapons, corporate welfare and bailouts, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Hitler’s Holocaust (12 million dead), Stalin’s Soviet Union (20 million dead), Mao’s Communist China (40 million dead), Kim Jong Il’s North Korea (body count still in progress), Chavez’s Venezuela (a.k.a. Titanic), Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, the suppression of liberty. I could go on and on…”


Green Products

New reports indicate that over 95% of green products are “greenwashed”–that is, they are made to appear more eco-friendly than they actually are.

Director of Risk and Environmental Safety Angela Logomasini points out that manufacturers and retail outlets are responding to pressure from environmentalists.

“In fact, the real answer for the greens involves getting rid of consumer choice. One ‘green advisor’ notes in the story: ‘If they [Home Depot] really wanted to promote sustainability, they would discontinue their products with the least green attributes, manufacturers would stop making them on the spot.’”


Four Loko

Recently, the media has become fixated on stories of teenagers binge-drinking alcoholic energy drinks. The FDA is considering a ban on the drink Four Loko.

CEI published a study earlier this year by Baylen Linnekin titled, Extreme Refreshment Crackdown: The FDA’s Misguided Campaign Against Alcohol Energy Drinks.

“Although the alcohol energy drink market is fairly small, the FDA’s crackdown on it could have much broader ramifications. The same legal rationale being used to attack AEDs—the argument that the addition of caffeine to certain foods and beverages has not been proven to be safe—applies equally to dozens of other popular products that have been on the market for years with no ill effects, such as many caffeinated soft drinks, coffee flavored liquors, and various foods with added caffeine. Consequently, the FDA’s war on pre-mixed alcohol energy drinks could cause substantial collateral damage in the nation’s food and beverage market.”