CEI Planet: November – December 2007

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The Tiger at a Crossroads by Barun S. Mitra

The number of tigers remaining in the wild worldwide is at an estimated all-time low, perhaps between 2,000 and 3,000. Is the tiger facing a crisis? Yes, but it is clear that current approaches to conservation are yielding meager results. Clearly, a new approach is needed.


In Memoriam: Hans F. Sennholz

By Terry and Matt Kibbe

Over a long career, Austrian School economist Dr. Hans F. Sennholz had a profound effect on generations of students and a lasting imprint on the freedom philosophy across the globe.


In Memoriam: John Berthoud

By Fred Smith

John Berthoud passed away—suddenly and unexpectedly—on September 27, 2007, at the young age of 45. Our span is always too short but John’s was far shorter than all of us had hoped. John was a blend of movement leader, creative advocate of economic liberty, and friend.


Improving America’s Insurance Markets

By Eli Lehrer

Throughout the hurricane zone that follows America’s Atlantic coastline from Texas to North Carolina, a populist furor has gripped politicians intent on punishing private property insurers. While the particulars vary from state to state, it is clear that ongoing political efforts—by both parties—have transferred so much hurricane risk to the government that taxpayers will end up footing an ever larger percentage of the bill when a storm hits.


Crash Across America

By Bureaucrash

Bureaucrash is the activist arm sponsored by the Competitive Enterprise Institute dedicated to

fighting the increase of government control over our lives. The Bureaucrash international network of pro-freedom activists works to change the political ideology of our generation through creative activism. While most youth politics supports the growth of the already bloated government bureaucracy, Bureaucrash fights for freedom.


The Good, the Bad & the Urgy

The Good- Live Earth Meets Dead Air

Like a tree falling in the woods with no one around to hear it, Live Earth came and went. The seven-continent, electricity guzzling rock extravaganza fell on mainly deaf ears as only one in five voters followed the coverage of the event. Meanwhile nearly 80 percent of voters followed the Senate’s ongoing debate on immigration.


Media Mentions

Compiled by Richard Morrison

For starters, an ethanol mandate poses a direct threat to the livestock industry, which is a significant part of Arkansas’s economy, especially the western part of the state. Currently, Arkansas ranks 19th, 17th, and 2nd in pork, cattle and broiler production, respectively, in the nation. – William Yeatman, Northwest Arkansas Times, August 31.