CEI Planet: September – October 2005

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No Regulation Without Representation

By Clyde Wayne Crews, Jr.

The exact cost of the federal regulatory state may never be fully known. As with taxes, firms generally pass along to consumers some of their regulatory compliance costs. Yet governmental and private data exist on scores of regulations, their costs and benefits, and the agencies that issue them. By compiling and presenting this data in a way that makes the regulatory state more comprehensible to the public, the annual Ten Thousand Commandments report aims to shed light on the impacts of regulation, and propose ways to increase regulatory accountability.

Batman’s Lessons

By Fred L. Smith, Jr.

Ideas matter, but, as the last century shows, bad ideas can win out over good ones. So how can we acquire the resources to ensure that our ideas are heard in the cacophony of the public policy world?

Testimony of Senior Fellow Marlo Lewis, Jr.

Federal regulatory costs are large, growing, and, what is more disturbing, uncontrolled. OMB says the total cost of all rules now in effect “could easily be a factor of 10 or more larger”—in other words, totaling between $340 billion and $390 billion annually.

The Truth About Human Testing

By Angela Logomasini

Baseless hype has fueled efforts in Congress to curb the use of human volunteers in studies designed to promote pesticide safety. The result may be fewer effective products on the market to control emerging public health threats.

Challenge to the State Attorney General-Tobacco Cartel

by Christine Hall-Reis

Nearly seven years after the settlement was signed, the consequences of that $246 billion backroom deal continue to undermine the rule of law, harm consumers and expand government power at the expense of liberty.