Good times, bad times — Rider right by my side — Hill docs call for keeping ozone

The POLITICO quotes CEI`s Marlo Lewis on the Pope`s encyclical:

GOOD TIMES, BAD TIMES: It’s been more than 48 hours since Pope Francis’ long-awaited encyclical on climate change leaked in draft form, but supporters and critics of the Catholic leader’s message continue to tussle over its impacts ahead of its formal release on Thursday. …

The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Marlo Lewis today offers his own reply to His Holiness, writing that to “cast doubt on the reality of man-made climate change … is a losing strategy.” Lewis proposes a 20-part “sensible Sense of Congress resolution” that acknowledges greenhouse gases play a role in global warming but slams the current array of policy options to curb emissions as “’[cures] worse than the alleged disease.”