Proposed Regulatory Report Card

Regulatory Report Card

Recommended Official Summary Data by Program, Agency, and Grand Total

…with 5-year historical tables…

n "Economically significant" rules and minor rules by department, agency and commission

n Numbers/percentages impacting small business and lower-level governments

n Numbers/percentages featuring numerical cost estimates

n Tallies of existing cost estimates, with subtotals by agencies and grand total

n Numbers/percentages lacking cost estimates

n Short explanation lack of cost estimates

n Percentage of rules reviewed by OMB, and action taken

n Analysis of the Federal Register: Number of pages, proposed and final rule breakdowns by agency

n Numbers of major rules reported on by the GAO in its database of reports on regulations

n Most active rule-making agencies

n Rules that are deregulatory rather than regulatory

n Rules that affect internal agency procedures alone

n Rollover: Number of rules new to the Unified Agenda; number that are carry-overs from previous years

n Numbers/percentages required by statute vs. rules agency discretionary rules

n Numbers/percentages facing statutory or judicial deadlines

n Rules for which weighing costs and benefits is statutorily prohibited