Q&A with Soso Whaley

CEI Monthly Planet Interview

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CEI recently interviewed Soso Whaley, who is now an adjunct fellow, about her “Debunk the Junk” project, which centers around a documentary film on the idea that the fast food industry is causing America’s obesity crisis.  Her film responds to Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me: A Film of Epic Portions, in which the filmmaker gorges himself at McDonald’s three times a day for a month to prove that the fast food industry is making America fat.  However, conducting a similar experiment—eating at McDonald’s three times a day, but consuming normal sized meals and exercising—Whaley lost 10 pounds.  As owner of Literary Llama Productions and Zoomobile, she has devoted her life to teaching people of all ages about the necessity of developing a more educated and symbiotic relationship with animals.