CEI’s Petition To The National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration To Cease Dissemination Of The National Assessment On

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Executive Summary

This document follows and incorporates by reference: Comments provided 3 June 2002 by CEI to the Department of Commerce as it and NOAA developed Guidelines under the Federal Data Quality Act (FDQA), correspondence sent to Assistant Secretary Dr. James R. Mahoney and Under Secretary Vice Admiral Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr (18 October 2002) requesting that the US Global Change Research Change Project’s National Assessment Synthesis Team undergo housecleaning to remove members responsible for the unlawfully produced, incomplete and FDQA-noncompliant National Assessment on Climate Change, and CEI’s Comments on NOAA/ USCCSP’s “Strategic Plan for the Climate Science Program” (17 January 2003)(all attached).

Pursuant to the justification presented therein and incorporated by reference in this Request, the Competitive Enterprise Institute requests correction of information, under Section 515 of Public Law 106-554, seeking Commerce/NOAA comply with the FDQA by immediately ceasing dissemination of the “Synthesis Product” formally if inaccurately styled as meeting the requirements as a first statutorily required “Climate Change Impacts in the United States:  The Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change”, or National Assessment (NACC).

As the lead plaintiff in CEI, Inhofe, et al. v. Clinton (DC DC CV 00-02383), litigation based on that product’s unlawful production, CEI is an Affected Person.  Further, CEI is an active participant in the domestic debate over United States “climate change” policies addressing regulatory and related policies of the United States government and their impact on its citizens, including inter alia an active practice writing and publishing (research, opinion, books, monographs, and biweekly “Cooler Heads” newsletter), advocating and as warranted litigating on policies regarding the economics, science and policies surrounding the theory of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (“climate change”), which is the subject of the Synthesized Product at issue in the Request.  Our numerous documents previously filed on related matters and attached also demonstrate CEI’s status as an Affected Person.