Supplemental Information: Request for Reconsideration of Response to Federal Data Quality Act Petition

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To Whom it May Concern,

Pursuant to the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s pending Request for Reconsideration of EPA’s Response to CEI’s Federal Data Quality Act Petition Against Further Dissemination of ‘Climate Action Report 2002’” (Appeal), EPA should be advised before further acting of certain documents CEI has obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.  These documents belie EPA’s creative argument to deny CEI’s Request for Correction under the Federal Data Quality Act — that EPA does not in fact disseminate the “Climate Action Report” published exclusively on EPA’s website and disseminated to other federal agencies by EPA, but that EPA is merely doing a less internet-savvy federal agency a favor[1] despite the public record demonstrating EPA’s lead role in producing the document, White House acknowledgement of same, and EPA being the sole governmental office disseminating CAR.

[1] EPA asserts that “EPA subsequently made the document available on its Web site because of its advanced web hosting capability, which may have been interpreted as an indication that this was an EPA report.…In this instance, EPA hosts the Climate Action Report on its Web site solely to assist the State Department in providing public access to the Report.”