National Taxpayers Union
NTU is a taxpayer organization that questions the economics of global warming legislation.

Competitive Enterprise Institute
CEI is a policy organization that questions the science and economics of global warming alarmism.

Both organizations are joining to say:

Don’t let Congress turn 2009 into 1984

The fictions behind what politicians are proposing:

Fiction: Global warming is a threat that is rapidly getting worse each year.
Fact: There has been no global warming over the last decade. In fact, global average temperature was lower in 2008 than in 1998! [1]

Fiction: Sea levels could go up 20 feet, according to Al Gore.
Fact: Sea levels rose about 8 inches in the 20th century, and the rate has not increased in the 21st century! [2]

Fiction: We can cheaply reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Fact: As President Obama said in the campaign, “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” [3]

Fiction: Cap-and-trade will help the economy by creating lots of new green jobs.
Fact: A recent economic analysis estimates that 2 million jobs would be lost if Congress enacted President Barack Obama’s cap-and-trade bill! [4]

Fiction: We can easily replace coal, oil, and natural gas with wind and solar power and ethanol.
Fact: 85% [5] of our energy comes from coal, oil, and natural gas. The alternatives are much more expensive [6] and less reliable! [7]

Make Your Voice Heard in Washington!
Stop the $2 Trillion Hidden Tax on Energy!

Tell Your Member of Congress
No New Energy Taxes!


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