A Free Market Agenda for the 110th Congress

CEI Publishes Report on Key Policy Issues

Washington, D.C., January 10, 2007—Today the Competitive Enterprise Institute releases its policy recommendations for the new leadership on Capitol Hill: This Liberal Congress Went to Market? A Bipartisan Policy Agenda for the 110th Congress.

The Bipartisan Policy Agenda covers a wide range of issues, aiming to guide decision makers toward policies that will secure the economy, protect the environment and improve health and safety. Highlights include why the minimum wage hurts American workers, why the government should reject costly global warming schemes and why the Food and Drug Administration should liberalize the drug approval process. 

“America’s political system has a built-in propensity for inertia—and that’s to the good. It slows positive change, but it also slows negative trends,” writes CEI President Fred L. Smith, Jr. “The Founders enshrined checks and balances into the Constitution to ensure that we would look carefully before rushing into new areas. True to that spirit, CEI hopes to work with the new Congress to advance good ideas, and to block bad ones.”

Copies of the Bipartisan Policy Agenda are available on CEI’s website in PDF, or by contacting the publications department at [email protected].

Policy Experts Available for Interviews

Energy & Environment

Myron Ebell

Director of Energy Policy

[email protected] / 202-331-2256


Business & Technology

Wayne Crews

Vice President for Policy

[email protected] / 202-331-2274


Labor & Trade

Ivan Osorio

Labor Policy Analyst

[email protected] / 202-331-2279


Health & Safety

Sam Kazman

General Counsel

[email protected] / 202-331-2265