Earth Report 2000

Revisiting the True State of the Planet


Earth Report 2000: Revisiting the True State of the Planet

Date: 1999 Edited by: Ronald Bailey Published by: McGraw-Hill

Earth Report 2000 is a collection of essays written by preeminent experts in the environmental field. Some of the issues featured in this edition include climate change, state of the world’s fisheries, endocrine disruptors, and population issues.

The book is a calm and rational examination of what we do know, and what we don’t know, concerning the ecology of the planet. These issues are not only relevant to current debate, but are also hotly debated in the scientific community.

Table of Contents

Dedication – Julian Simon, an appreciation, by Fred L. Smith

Introduction – by Michael Novak

Chapter 1 – The Progress Explosion: Permanently Escaping the Malthusian Trapby Ronald Bailey

Chapter 2 – How do We Know the Temperature of The Earth?: Global Warming and Global Temperaturesby Roy Spencer

Chapter 3 – Doing More with Less: Dematerialization—Unsung Environmental Triumphby Lynn Scarlett

Chapter 4 — World Population Prospects for the 21st Century: The Specter of “Depopulation”?by Nicholas Eberstadt

Chapter 5 – Fishing for Solutions: The State of the World’s FisheriesBy Michael De Alessi

Chapter 6 – Soft Energy vs. Hard Facts: Powering the 21st CenturyBy Jerry Taylor and Peter VanDoren

Chapter 7 – Richer is More Resilient: Climate Change vs. More Urgent Environmental ProblemsBy Indur Goklany

Chapter 8 – Endocrine Disruptors – New Toxic Menace?By Stephen Safe

Chapter 9 – Biological Diversity: Divergent Views on its Status and Diverging Approaches to it ConservationBy Rowan B. Martin

Benchmarks – The Global Trends that are Shaping Our WorldBy Paul Georgia and the CEI staff