Field Guide for Effective Communication

CEI and National Media Book

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For many years, conservative and classical liberal groups have struggled to market their ideas to the public. Unfortunately, the arguments of the left often seem preferred in the marketplace of ideas. Being on the right doesn’t make us wrong.

CEI and National Media, Inc. believe conservatives and classical liberals must aggressively market their ideas. All too frequently, well-marketed, bad ideas relegate good ideas to being unused on the political shelf.

The Field Guide for Effective Communication is your communications and public relations director’s single source for marketing your organization’s agenda and ideas. The Guide provides examples of how to communicate with a rationally ignorant audience. To help your organization maximize communication with your audience, nationally known communications experts analyze successful — and not-so-successful, communications strategies and techniques in the political arena.

The Guide is full of anecdotes and real-life stories of successful campaigns such as “Save Children from Malaria” and the efforts to prevent the elimination of DDT. Additionally, the Guide features an illuminating model of how to reach people with differing values, to persuade them — and to win.

The Field Guide for Effective Communication will prove to be an invaluable resource in your organizations communications campaigns.