Government’s Unfounded War on BPA

Taxpayer-Funded Scare Campaign Threatens Consumer Interest and Safety

2015-10-07 Thinkstock - Baby Bottles v5 - BPA paper

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During the past decade, the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) has become a target of environmental activists who make a host of unfounded claims about the chemical’s risks to humans.

For example, the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) June 2015 report, BPA in Canned Food: Behind the Brand Curtain, advises consumers to buy canned food labeled “BPA-free” and makes the ominous claim: “BPA is a synthetic estrogen that scientists have linked to breast cancer, reproductive damage, developmental problems, heart disease and other illnesses.” Federal agencies have continued to fund questionable research that fuels such scare-mongering campaigns, which are designed to advance a host of unwarranted and potentially dangerous public policies.

Members of Congress would be wise to review and consider oversight of such funding to ensure taxpayer dollars are not wasted on misleading and agenda-driven research.