IEA report – World Energy Investment Outlook to 2030

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World Energy Investment Outlook 2003

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is pleased to announce the publication on 4 November 2003 of World Energy Investment Outlook 2003. This follow-up to the highly acclaimed World Energy Outlook 2002 is, to our knowledge, the first major attempt to take a detailed look at the global energy investment challenge over the next 30 years.

World Energy Investment Outlook 2003 assesses the amount of investment in the energy supply chain that will be needed for each fuel and world region through to 2030. It also identifies the obstacles that must be overcome in order to mobilize this investment in a timely manner, meet anticipated demand growth and ensure long-term energy security. World Energy Investment Outlook 2003 provides comprehensive projections and in-depth analysis on funding needs over the next three decades including:                                                                      

■ quantification of the investment needed for each fuel – oil, gas, electricity, coal and renewables – in the OECD member states, the European Union, Russia, India, Indonesia, China, South and East Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East;

■ a detailed assessment of infrastructure needs for each step of the energy supply chain together with in-depth analysis of key world supply regions and demand projections by end-use in the transport, residential and services sectors in OECD countries;

■ a review of the technical, economic and geo-political risks, regulatory barriers and financial obstacles to be overcome in order to mobilize investment in a timely manner;

■ analysis of the investment implications of alternative scenarios and policy options, including restricted investment in Middle East oil production capacity, oil regeneration in Iraq, the impact of environmental policies, regional gas scenarios and carbon sequestration technologies.