Inconvenient Truths for Al Gore – Episode 1: Pollution

“We have vastly increased the amount of carbon dioxide—the most important of the so-called greenhouse gases.” (AIT, 25)

Hold on a minute there, Al. The picture you’re showing us is misleading; it’s manipulative. You want us to think we’re literally seeing carbon dioxide pour out of those smokestacks. But carbon dioxide is as invisible as oxygen. You present a picture of what looks like air pollution and call it carbon dioxide. Throughout the film you refer to carbon dioxide as “global warming pollution.”

There’s another side of the story—actually, two other sides that you never mention. First, carbon dioxide is plant food. It’s a form of fertilizer. Literally hundreds of scientific observations show that plants raised in carbon dioxide-enriched environments grow faster, larger, and produce more fruit. They’re also more resistant to air pollution—the real stuff.

Another inconvenient truth you leave out: Most of the people watching your film would not even exist without the fantastic increases in global productivity and wealth made possible by fossil fuels—the source of those carbon dioxide emissions you decry.

Later in the film you fault America for being the world’s biggest CO2 emitter. But is that really something to scold us for? Those emissions are actually a sign of our thriving economy and the high standard of living we help bring to the world.

We lead the world in technological advancement, medical innovation, and agricultural research and output. In other words, U.S. industries help feed people, heal people, and fulfill people. This requires energy. Our use of energy enables people all over the world to live better lives.