The Future of Financial Privacy

Private Choices versus Political Rules


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In The Future of Financial Privacy, a new book from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, an array of US and European legal and economic experts attempts to answer those questions and clear up some of the muddle surrounding these complicated issues. Privacy is an amorphous concept, clouding and confusing public policy debates on financial-services issues ranging from the confidentiality of what’s in your bank account to the mining and sharing of data. The Future of Financial Privacy shows how to protect consumers’ privacy while preserving the benefits of free flows of information, and explores what role the government should play in all this.

Date: October 2000 Pages: 255 ISBN Number: 1-889865-03-6 Price: $19.95 CEI Sale Price: $14.95 Category: Public Policy

Table of Contents

Introduction: Will Privacy Be To The Information Economy What Consumer Protection And Product Safety Were To The Industrial Age?by Fred L. Smith, Jr.

Chapter 1: United States Privacy Law and Policyby Robert R. Belair and Kevin Coy

Chapter 2: Myths in the Privacy Debateby Duncan A. MacDonald

Chapter 3: Privacy Concerns: Perception Versus Realityby Peter Gray

Chapter 4: Public Policy and the Privacy Avalancheby Fred H. Cate

Chapter 5: The Economic Benefits of Balanced Information Useby Marty Abrams

Chapter 6: The Future of Money and Financial Privacyby Richard W. Rahn

Chapter 7: Some Practical and Theoretical Thoughts about Privacy and Bankingby Julius L. (“Jerry”) Loeser

Chapter 8: Credit Information Reporting, Social Accountability, and Consumer Opportunityby Daniel B. Klein

Chapter 9: The Money-Laundering Conundrum: Mugging Privacy in the Assault on Crime?by Lawrence B. Lindsey

Chapter 10: Personalization, Privacy, and the First Amendmentby Eugene Volokh

Chapter 11: Privacy and Human Rights: Comparing the United States to Europeby Solveig Singleton

Chapter 12: Swiss Views on Financial Privacyby Franz A. Blankart, Jean A. Bonna, and Michel Y. Dérobert

Chapter 13: Financial Privacy and Data Protection in Europeby Alfred Büllesbach