Thank you for contacting CEI's Center for Class Action Fairness. One of CEI's attorneys will get back to you.

Your communication to CCAF is not confidential or “privileged.” Communicating with CCAF does not cause any of CCAF’s attorneys to be your lawyer, and it does not cause you to be their client; in short, contacting CCAF does not create an “attorney-client relationship.” The time period within which you must act to preserve your legal rights can be very short, so you may wish to consult a private attorney to determine whether you need to take immediate action to preserve your legal rights. CCAF will not represent anyone without a thorough consultation and evaluation. CCAF has limited resources and, unfortunately, we must turn down many who request assistance.

CCAF is unable to represent individuals in family law (e.g. divorce, child custody), criminal law, or other matters outside of our primary areas of interest, and is unable to provide referrals for general legal action.

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