$0 settlement in Breyers “Smooth & Dreamy” class action

Russell Jackson adds to my workload by drawing my attention to Ercoline v. Unilever United States, Inc., Civ. A. No. 2:10-cv-01747-SRC-MAS (D.N.J.), a settlement of $0 for the class, and $200,000 for the attorneys.  This runs into the Murray v. GMAC problem we’ve repeatedly discussed in other objections.

Because I’m a member of the class of purchasers of Breyers Smooth & Dreamy ice cream products, I will be objecting; to deter objections, the attorneys have threatened objectors with intrusive depositions and require illegal hoops before permitting objectors to object, despite the plain statement of Rule 23 that class members are permitted to object, period.  If you’re a class member, and you’re willing to risk a deposition, and you independently think this settlement is unfair, you’re welcome to contact me; you are also welcome to contact me if you’re a class member and don’t wish to risk a deposition, and we can discuss your options.