1,000,000 Tea Bags Find a Home

The good folks from MillionTeaBags.org dropped by CEI today after the Park Service told them that while they had a perfectly legal permit to demonstrate in LaFayette Park today, that they hadn’t specifically asked if they could display the 1 million bags of tea they had trucked in.  It’s tougher to have a tea party these days—regulations and permits were not a part of the first one.

Thankfully, some of these tea partiers were friends of CEI.

So the tea bags—at least a portion of them—were stacked to the ceiling in our conference room.  Each bag of tea represented the donation of someone to the project, meaning that over a million Americans are sick and tired of being treated like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama’s ATM.

The photo-op still happened, though not as dramatic as if it were surrounded by the protesters in the park.

Hopefully, the lessons learned about the labyrinthian rules of protests in DC—there are dozens of agencies that govern public spaces in this city—allow for an even bigger protest to occur soon.

I heard whispers of 5 million bags making their way to DC in the near future…