A Christmas Present for the Labor Lobby?

Lots of people have been oohing and ahhing over President-elect Barack Obama’s surprisingly centrist nominees to the Cabinet.  But there’s one major exception:  Rep. Hilda Solis, slated to become Labor Secretary.  Her agenda is clear:  reward Big Labor for its steadfast political support for the Democratic Party and the president-elect.

The biggest priority of organized labor is so-called Card Check, which would eliminate elections that are now required before unions can win workplace recognition.  Union officials and supporters, like Rep. Solis, have wrapped themselves into pretzels to justify eliminating elections for workers in this case while backing elections before a union can be decertified, for instance, or in their own leadership races, as with Rep. Solis.  Card Check is a Christmas present we should not give to the labor lobby.  I take on this issue in American Spectator online.