A Monster Federal Register This Halloween

Today, the 2016 Federal Register stands at 75, 670 pages, the 9th highest “yearly” count of all time—but it’s only Halloween. We still have two months to go for the rules-and-regulations compendium.

As the Obama administration likes to call things, this is “unprecedented.”

On Friday, October 28, the Federal Register hit 75,314 pages, which put it into the Top Ten of all time, a milestone I wrote about that day at Forbes.com.

While the highest count ever was Barack Obama’s 81,405 pages in 2010, it is obvious that this figure will easily be surpassed, probably before December.

This all calls for a countdown. Earlier records and today’s milestone appear in the chart nearby. Each day that the Obama count notches itself up the Top 10 countdown, we’ll post a new chart.

By the looks of things, it’s going to turn out to be the case that of all the Top Ten counts, seven of them are going to belong to President Obama. Let’s hear it for the pen and phone!

Notable high counts for prior presidents are Bush (79,435); Clinton (74,258); Carter (73,258).