A promising 40th anniversary year for CEI

Photo Credit: CEI

This year CEI celebrates 40 years of eliminating excessive regulation and unleashing human potential.

To kick off our anniversary year, we unveiled a new logo that we plan to use for the entirety of 2024. In it, we take inspiration from Prometheus, the Titan who stole fire from the gods. He provided mankind with light, knowledge, and the means of innovation. In much the same way, CEI has spent the past 40 years fighting to reform America’s unaccountable regulatory state; to unleash innovation and human potential. Check out our 40th anniversary video below.

Needless to say, we a have a number of exciting initiatives and big plans for our 40th anniversary year of 2024.

Major programs include:

  • Our most ambitious project yet to overhaul the Environmental Protection Agency;
  • Expansion of Eye on FTC, the liberty movement’s hub for resources against harmful Federal Trade Commission regulations;
  • Efforts to ensure passage of the GOOD Act and other reform bills that CEI either directly shaped or supported with ideas and advocacy;
  • Outreach on Capitol Hill, including the circulation of well-cited publications such as the latest edition of CEI’s Ten Thousand Commandments;
  • Potentially ending non-statutory tax policies at the IRS and unconstitutional tax proposals in Congress. We await the Supreme Court’s decision on CEI’s case, Moore v. United States; and
  • State-based outreach and regulatory policy work.

Like everything happening at CEI this year, our policy summit from May 30th to June 2nd will be worthy of a 40th anniversary celebration. We can’t wait to retrace the footsteps of philosopher and founding economist Adam Smith with you in Edinburgh, Scotland!

And of course, our special 40th anniversary-inspired Julian L. Simon Memorial Award Dinner on September 19th.  Be sure to follow along all year and join us in our progress moving forward!


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