Bandow on Unions’ new Global Strategy

What’s worse than trade protectionism and compulsory unionism? Trade protectionism and compulsory unionism that shred national sovereignty, as CEI adjunct fellow Doug Bandow writes in TCSDaily today. He notes that some Democrats in Congress seek “to empower a UN body, the International Labor Organization (ILO) — which promulgates rules on everything from child labor to union organizing — more than the U.S. government. This is what organized labor desires; American unions began taking labor controversies to the ILO years ago.” There is a good reason they’re doing this:

In theory, international agencies can help promote individual liberty and economic deregulation. In practice, global institutions are easily captured by professional staffs with their own agendas. That has been evident throughout the UN system. 

If your agenda is to restrict economic freedom, global bodies of bureaucrats like the UN and ILO are your most promising venue.