Bean Counters Caucus in DC

The American Financial Services Association is holding its 90th annual meeting here in Washington this week, and attendees are tackling a number of challenges including the threat of identity theft to customers, the multiple levels of regulatory control over member companies and calls for the industry to “do good” in addition to doing good business.

A lot of these are issues CEI has worked on as well. For more, see Wayne and Brooke’s paper on identity theft, Wayne’s latest installment of 10,000 Commandments on regulatory overkill, Isaac’s take on “corporate social responsibility” and business do-gooders, and John’s work on financial regulation in general at the Center for Entrepreneurship.

One particualr highlight for those attending the conference today – our friend Walter Williams will be giving the lunch keynote address “The Role of Government in a Free Society.” I assume it’ll be the shortest speech of the week.