Big Labor’s Choice: Improve And Evolve, or Perish

Over the past year, the Midwest has had a pro-worker epiphany, a movement now reaching its crescendo with the imminent passage of right-to-work legislation in Michigan, which would end mandatory union dues as condition of employment in an historical union stronghold.

Unfortunately, accompanying the wave of workplace freedom has been a tsunami of union intimidation and impolitic tactics… and Michigan will be no different. The announcement of introducing right-to-work legislation on December 6 immediately prompted union protests at the state capitol building in Lansing. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy reports:

UAW members in neon green vests patrolled crowds inside and outside the state Capitol here, but it didn’t stop violence and vandalism.

“No, we don’t want anyone fighting,” a union member in a green vest shouted to a group of angry protestors approaching a small group of right-to-work supporters gathered on the steps of the Capitol. “Everyone stay cool.”