Bottled Water “Myth Buster” Ill Informed

A piece in the LA Examiner online shows how incredibly misinformed the bottled water debate has become.  The report is called “A Few Facts and Myths about Water,” but it is just riddled with misinformation! For example, consider some of the author’s claims:

She claims:
“The Environmental Protections [sic] Agency keeps a strict watch on your local tap water, whereas bottled water companies are not as closely monitored.”
Reality: By law, bottle water must meet all EPA tap water standards where they apply or be stricter. There is no option for the Food and Drug Administration (which regulates bottled water as a food product) to allow lower quality water. Click here for details.

She claims: “The plastic bottles give off harmful chemical byproducts.”
Reality: The chemicals from the plastics appear only at trace levels that pose no significant risk. Click here for details.

She claims: “However, most companies are not using 100% natural spring water. You end up paying $2.00 for a bottle of water that may contain around 30% tap water. Due to the secrecy of bottled water companies, there is not enough information given to accurately asses what you are drinking.”
Reality: 70 percent of bottled water comes from natural sources, such as springs or underground sources. It is against the law to label a bottle of water as spring water if it contains tap water. It is not a secret what kind of water a bottle contains. Read the label. If it is not clear, find one that is or call the phone number provided on most bottles.   Click here for for details.