Brits Say Care More Expensive, Lower Quality than in Estonia

Ah, socialized medicine. Everyone is guaranteed care, right? And the government saves so much money that is wasted in America.

Well, so much for the free lunch.  Despite a lot of money poured into the system by the Labor government, Britain falls behind Estonia and many of its neighbors.  British care is on par with that provided in several former Soviet bloc states.  Reports the Daily Mail:

Healthcare in Britain is worse than in Estonia even though
we spend four times as much on each person,  according to a
Europe-wide league table.

And despite the billions poured
into the NHS by Labour, the standard
of care is on a par with the former
Communist states of the Czech
Republic and Hungary, which spend
far less on health.

Long waiting times and slow access to
new cancer drugs were highlighted as
major reasons for Britain’s ‘mediocre’
placing of 13th out of 31 countries.

Britain came out near the bottom on
cancer survival rates, waiting times,
MRSA infections and the speed of
access to new drugs.

The Euro Health Consumer Index
report found that when the cost-efficiency
of the health service was taken
into account, the UK came 17th.

Hopefully the new administration will keep in mind the Hippocratic Oath when it decides to “reform” health care:  First do no harm.