CEI Weekly: CEI Reveals True Cost of Cap and Trade

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CEI Weekly
September 18, 2009

>>CEI Breaks True Cost of Cap and Trade Treasury Department’s Own Documents
CEI’s Christopher C. Horner reveals the true $1,761 per family cost of Cap and Trade legislation with the Treasury Department’s own documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.  News of the story has been widely covered in:

CBS News; Obama Admin: Cap and Trade Could Cost Families $1,761 a Year
CBS News; Declan McCullagh’s Response to Skepticism on Cap and Trade Costs
The Investor’s Business Daily; Smoking Papers on Global Warming
The Washington Post; Cap-and-Trade Memos Fire Up the Skeptics
The Politico; Cap and Trade’s Price Tag [Corrected]
CEI’s Openmarket.Org Blog Post by Iain Murray
CEI’s GlobalWarming.Org Blog Post by Christopher Horner

>>Shaping the Debate
The Meltdown Next Time
Eli Lehrer’s op-ed in the Weekly Standard

Facebook Changes Privacy Policy to Appease Canadians
Ryan Radia and Elizabeth Jacobson’s article in the Washington Examiner Opinion Zone

Lessons Unlearned
CEI’s quote in Investor’s Business Daily

>>Best of the Blogs
The Man Who Fed the World
by Greg Conko
He may have saved a billion people from starvation, but, if you asked a random sample of reasonably well educated Americans who Norman Borlaug was, they’d probably answer, “Norman who?”. . . Norman Borlaug was an American agricultural scientist and plant breeder whose work sparked what is now known as the Green Revolution. . . On the 30th anniversary of his Nobel Prize, he said “While the affluent nations can certainly afford to adopt ultra low-risk positions, and pay more for food produced by the so-called ‘organic’ methods, the one billion chronically undernourished people of the low income, food-deficit nations cannot.”

Another Hoover on Trade?
by Fran Smith
President Obama’s slapping of tariffs on tires imported from China is the latest in a series of protectionist moves by the U.S. that threaten the world trading system, risk retaliation by the U.S.’s largest foreign creditor, and ultimately harm consumers.  A Wall Street Journal editorial today titled “A Protectionist President” points out that Obama’s trade stance could be following in the disastrous footsteps of President Hoover.

Obama Wants to Extend PATRIOT Act
by Ryan Young
People are often surprised to hear how similar President Obama’s policies are to President Bush’s. They shouldn’t be. One may be a Republican and the other a Democrat, but make no mistake. Bush and Obama are two peas in a pod.

Intel Appeals Record Breaking EU Fine
by Elizabeth Jacobson
Intel is in the news again, this time for fighting the European Commission’s record-shattering $1.4 billion fine against the company. In its appeal, Intel accuses the Commission of having failed to prove that Intel’s allegedly anticompetitive tactics actually harmed consumers in any way.

>>Liberty Week Podcast
Episode 60: The Man Who Fed the World
In episode 60, we start with a recap of the 9/12 D.C. Tax Protest, look into union rules that hurt minority contractors and consider the alleged ethics violations of former California Assemblyman Mike Duvall. We then turn to Greg Conko for his thoughts on free market healthcare reform and finish with a tribute to The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, Norman Borlaug (1914-2009).

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