CEI Weekly: Celebrating the Fall of the Berlin Wall

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CEI Weekly
November 13, 2009

>>CEI Commemorates the 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall
[Video] CEI Studios Produces Video Commemorating the Fall of the Berlin Wall
CEI marked the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on Monday, November 9th, with a video which depicted the ruinous effects the wall had on the lives of those who live in Berlin. The video was linked to by several bloggers such as Michelle Malkin and John Stossel, as well as by several organizations, such as the Heartland Institute and In Defence of Liberty.
Additionally, Fred Smith, with a blog post, highlighted the emotional toll that the Berlin Wall took on those who lived in Berlin.

>>Shaping the Debate
Sued for Success
Ryan Radia’s op-ed in Forbes.com

Should We Be Worried About Cell Phones and Cancer
Ryan Young’s article in Opposing Views

Government Can’t Marshall Doctors Who Aren’t There
Alex Nowrasteh’s letter to the editor in the Wall Street Journal

>>Best of the Blogs
Insurance Industry Stung by Health Care Deal
by Gregory Conko
With much of the health care reform debate still focused on the wisdom of including a government-run, “public” health insurance “option,” too many opponents are neglecting a far more insidious feature of the Democratic proposals:  the mandatory purchase requirement.  Under each of the bills moving through Congress, every person living in the United States would be required by law to have health insurance.

Unemployment Skyrockets: “U.S. Now Beating European Unemployment Rates”
by Hans Bader
Unemployment is now higher in the U.S. than in Europe,  reports the Washington Post.  “The official U.S. unemployment rate, reported last Friday, now stands at 10.2 percent,” compared to “9.7 percent” in Europe.   This is the highest rate in more than 26 years, and marks a huge change from the recent past, in which unemployment was double the American rate in much of Europe, such as in France. Unemployment is at 10 percent in France, which refused to adopt a U.S.-style stimulus package, and only 7.6 percent in Germany, which adopted a stimulus package that was smaller relative to its economy than ours was.

Pfizer to Close Facility Behind Kelo Case
by Marc Scribner
Yesterday, Pfizer announced it was closing its research and development facility in New London, Connecticut. This is the same complex that was at the center of the redevelopment plan at issue in Kelo v. New London. This turn of events underscores the argument, often employed by eminent domain opponents, that government-sponsored development corporations lack the economic foresight to efficiently make long-term development investment decisions.

>>Liberty Week Podcast
Liberty Week 68: Take From the Rich, Give to Yourself
We start with Saturday night’s healthcare vote in the House, Freddie Mac’s losing bets and a gift card scandal in Charm City. We then move on to Andrew Cuomo’s attack on Intel in New York and Josh tells us why we can expect more tax hikes in the future.

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