CEI Weekly: Unearthed E-Mails Point to Data Manipulation

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CEI Weekly
November 27, 2009

Last week, CEI covered the release of e-mails which were leaked from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit. These e-mails suggest scientists have been manipulating climate data for years.

CEI’s Chris Horner has led the way in taking legal action against NASA for its failure to provide information as it is expected to do under the freedom of information law. Chris Horner also appeared on Fox News to debate the need for an investigation on CRU.

Myron Ebell’s analysis of Climate-Gate has also been covered in the Wall Street Journal, the National Post and the Washington Post.

>>Shaping the Debate
Effort to Curb Financial Giants May Worry Markets Even More
John Berlau’s quote in the Investor’s Business Daily

DDT: The Silent Killer… Only When It Was Gone
John Berlau’s quote in theRealityCheck.org

>>Best of the Blogs
Real Climate Spin
by Marlo Lewis
Real Climate.Org is a chief defender of ”consensus” climatology on the Internet. One of its enduring missions has been to defend the dubious, indeed discredited “Hockey Stick” reconstruction of Northern hemisphere temperature history. The Hockey Stick was the basis for the IPCC’s claim in its 2001 report that the 1990s were the warmest decade and 1998 the warmest year of the past millennium. That Real Climate (RC) should feel special solicitude for the Hockey Stick is no accident, comrade. Two of the five principals at RC — Michael Mann and Raymond Bradley — were among the three researchers (Mann, Bradley, and Malcolm Hughes) who authored the Hockey Stick.

Moderates Criticize Health Care Bill As It Advances in Senate; Experts Gave Bill A “Failing Grade”
by Hans Bader
On Saturday, the Senate voted 60-to-39, along party lines, to press towards passage of a massive health care bill, by blocking a Republican filibuster.  Senators ignored the fact that the bill received a failing grade from health care experts like the Dean of Harvard Medical School, since it will raise taxes, deficits, and medical costs, while reducing lifesaving medical innovations. Afterward, however, the bill drew criticism even from moderate Democrats who usually support the Obama administration, which backs the bill.

The Partisan Deficit
by Ryan Young
When Republicans are in the White House, Paul Krugman thinks budget deficits are bad. When a Democrat is in the White House, deficits are no problem at all. Correctly noting in 2005 that the Bush deficits were “comparable to the worst we’ve ever seen in this country,” Krugman worried that investor confidence would wilt under the difficulty of paying back such massive obligations. Now that President Obama has tripled the Bush deficits, he has a column poo-pooing deficit worriers as “being terrorized by a phantom menace

>>LibertyWeek Podcast
Episode 70: Climate-Gate Bursts Forth
We start with the big Senate showdown on healthcare legislation and a shocking expose of climate science skullduggery. We then move on a double dose of Midwestern scandal and the curious cult-like organizing practices of major labor unions.

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