CEI’s RRM Suggests Additional Questions for Florida Insurance Commissioner

Yesterday in a press release from CEI’s Center for Risk, Regulation, and Markets, the Center raised many questions that should be brought to Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty’s attention. The questions mainly surrounded doubt over whether or not Florida has enough capital to pay out insurance claims in the event of a catastrophic hurricane.

As Christian Cámara, director of CEI’s Florida Insurance Project, said in the release, “There are a lot of very serious unanswered questions.”

There was one question that was unfortunately left out of the release. Since this is indeed hurricane season and of course a timely issue, the RRM team would like to pose the question here:

Gov. Crist recently claimed that divine intervention has kept hurricanes away from Florida. If this is the case, is the State of Florida taking proper action to appease the various storm gods? What types of sacrifices are being offered to these deities? Are OIR high priests following proper sacrificial rites? What types of objects or animals are being used and what is the cost of these sacrifices to Florida taxpayers? Would you be amenable to privatizing these sacrificial rites?

These are important questions that need to be answered for the sake of the safety of Floridians. These issues may actually be important to those who aren’t Florida homeowners, though, as the horses of Florida may in fact be in danger due to possible sacrifices to the storm gods. Could there be a connection between the recent horse poaching in Florida and these offerings to the storm deities? Could privatization of the insurance market and legalization of the sale of horse meat solve both of these issues?

The Center for Risk, Regulation, and Markets and all those concerned about the citizens and horses of Florida are waiting for your answer, Mr. McCarty.