Cheers to the Whiskey-preneurs

On International Whisk(e)y Day, we toast this spirit’s storied history and the countless individuals responsible for its global renaissance today. As you enjoy your favorite tipple, take a moment to give homage to the knowledge and craft charted over millennia—from the earliest distillers in Mesopotamia to the birth of aqua vitae in Scotland and Ireland to its modern rebirth in Australia, Japan, India, Taiwan, the United States, and elsewhere.

Started in 2009 in honor of the late, great Michael Jackson, who inspired today’s generation of whiskey writers and drinkers, International Whisk(e)y Day is a testament to the impact of the individual.

As its founders suggest: “Raise a glass and celebrate the greatest drink in the world. Honour the unsung heroes of the industry from today back to when it all began. Host a tasting. Visit your local bar. Open that special bottle. Introduce whisk(e)y to someone who has never had it before.” And, we might add, share CEI’s tribute, I, Whiskey: The Human Spirit with your friends and family.