Congressional Vote to Halt NLRB Job-Killing Regulations

President Obama and the Senate Democrats’ agenda will be put to the test. GOP senators have called for the vote on the Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act (H.R. 2587). The bill counters the job-killing regulations of the National Labor Relations Board. Most pointedly, the NLRB halting relocation of a Boeing plant from a forced-unionized to a right-to-work state.

Democrats on all levels have touted policies of job creation and supporting the working class. To date, the Obama administration scheme of government spending and succumbing to special interest favoritism has failed to produce economic growth.

In contrast, Sen. Rand Paul points out the Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Actwill ease the present restrictions on growth. “I have got another message for the president. We have got a bill here that will help solidify a thousand jobs in South Carolina. Pass it now.”