Counties Challenge Congress on Climate Change

Catching up on emails, I see that Tuesday’s E&E Daily (subscription required) notes that Senator Bingaman yesterday touted his “Low Carbon Economy Act” before the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, who themselves are preparing to adopt their first climate policy resolution.

In this context of associations adopting such vows I must note this recent resolution by the National Association of Counties, which they humorously describe as “a resolution calling on NACo to urge Congress to address global warming, regardless of its source”; so, even if climate is changing because that’s what climate does, well, we demand that you stop it!

Talk about the fatal conceit that underpins this movement (yes, I understand that this was likely a sop to internal forces seeking to avoid over-aggressive jumping on the “Man did it!” bandwagon, but such a stance simply begged, nay, pleaded for ridicule).