Court rejects settlement in Costco fuel case

Today’s a busy day (there were filings in three different pending objections and appeals, two of them by us), but we’ll have to postpone discussion of those cases to note that, on Friday, the U.S. District Court in Kansas rejected the $0-for-the-class/$10M-for-the-attorneys settlement in the Costco Fuel case that we argued in April. Alas, the court ruled on narrow technical grounds and punted on some critical economic questions, so we might see substantially the same settlement again in a couple of months if the parties can jump through the hoops the court established—but if the settlement remains unfair and unreasonable, I’m sure the objectors involved will want to object again.

Our associate, M. Frank Bednarz (Chicago ’09), did much of the work on the Costco briefing, so I’m sure Friday was special to him—not least because it was also his wedding day! Mazel tov to Frank and Meridith. Go buy them some light bulbs before Frank starts at his BigLaw job in Boston in a couple of months. When Frank gets to Boston, I bet he’ll be the only person there who already has a winning $10-million brief under his belt.