Digg This Study on Entertainment Ratings

This week, CEI published a study written by me and Eli Lehrer on entertainment ratings. The paper covers six forms of media: movies, music, comic books, television, radio, and video games.

The history of each of these forms of media is interesting and worth reading about, so far I’ve received a lot of great feedback. GamePolitics.com called the paper, “a well-reasoned look at rating systems.” The Your Family Games blog said “I encourage you to pick it up…a really interesting read.”

The paper has also been cited by Reason Hit & Run, NG4.com, The Escapist, LunaBean, The Insider, NH Insider, and Pixelantes.

Now if only I could get a post from Leo Laporte, John C. Dvorak, Morgan Webb, Cali Lewis, Om Malik, dl.tv, or the crew from Buzz Out Loud, more folks would realize just how threatened video games and other forms of media are from nanny-state-loving politicians here in Washington.

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