DNS Internet Flaw: How Much Worse It Could Have Been

By now, most tech-savvy readers have probably heard about the vulernability in the structure of the internet, specifically involving DNS lookups. Apparently, the flaw is even greater than it initially seemed. But companies are coming up with patches that should fix the problem soon, even before hackers exploit it.

The case reminds us that however many security laws the government passes, we can never be too careful. After all, the government has been hindering many private security developments, such as encryption. And imagine how much worse the flaw would have been handled if internet security were the government’s responsibility. The government has had a terrible security track record. If the government had been in charge, you can safely bet that it would take years, new laws, and millions of security breaches for the problem to get fixed – and that the “solution” would include banning lots of legitimate uses.