Ebell in NYT on new Climategate report — “Establishment circling the wagons and defending their position”

CEI’s Myron Ebell was quoted on the front page of the New York Times today – “above the fold” – discussing the University of East Anglia’s report on Climategate and university researchers’ leaked emails about shutting out skeptical scientists, not responding to requests for data, and presenting misleading global warming data.  The so-called Russell Report was the second “insider” investigation of influential global warming scientists-advocates and their attempts to bury dissent from their orthodoxy.  In its own report, Pennsylvania State University downplayed Penn State researcher Michael Mann’s culpability. In a scandal that rocked the global warming community, the emailers only received mild slaps on the wrists from the investigators.

Here’s Myron’s NYT quote on the report’s findings:

The university solicited and paid for the new report, which climate skeptics assailed. “This is another example of the establishment circling the wagons and defending their position,” said Myron Ebell, director of energy and climate change policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington.

No surprise there.  The “establishment” has a lot invested in catastrophic man-made global warming.