Employee Rights at the Discretion of Unions

The AFL-CIO has filed a formal complaint against Roquette for the ongoing lockout of union employees. The union claims that Roquette refused their terms of negotiation and too quickly replaced union-member workers. Essentially, they believe they are protecting the rights of employees. Union leaders believe companies are obligated to employ their members and at whatever price union officials demand. Otherwise, litigation and harassment will ensue. However, unions consistently infringe on the rights of non-union employees and companies, without recognizing the hypocrisy.

To highlight the double standard unions expect in recent news, SEIU agreed in settlement with the NLRB to no longer “restrain or coerce”employees “in the exercise of the rights guaranteed.” This settlement stems from a union demonstration in which SEIU supporters and organizers attempted to prevent non-union supporters from getting to work. Unions expect their employees to have guaranteed employment, but non-union employees’ rights to work are not a concern.

Take the example of the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) numerous attempts to unionize Delta employees. For the past 10 years, Delta employees have voted against unionizing. This is not convincing evidence for AFA. They have filed charges against Delta management for interfering with the elections, pushing for a new vote. Again, the voices of the majority of employees against unionization does not faze them. Union action illuminates that employee rights are not their priority. Collecting member dues are their sole objective. Talk of “rights” is merely window dressing.