Fighting for Small Business: Whiskey Edition


This week marks the 85th anniversary of the end of Prohibition, and we still have a lot to learn from that dismal experiment in government overreach. As my colleague Michelle Minton points out, many states still make it impossible to purchase alcohol on Christmas, New Year’s Day, and other festive holidays. And the prohibitionist impulse is hardly confined to brewed, fermented, and distilled beverages. As our old video from 2007 points out, the government is working feverishly in the present day to forbid everything from plastic bags and bull terriers to trans fats and sagging pants.  

Because of all this, it is a great relief to see a positive story about a family making an honest living producing and selling gin and whiskey. Our friends over at Free the People produced the inspiring video below about Denver and Christine Riggleman, proprietors of Silverback Distillery of Virginia.

While you’re enjoying the Riggleman story, don’t forget to watch the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s own short film, “I, Whiskey: The Human Spirit,” featuring the founder and master distiller of Copper Fox!