Flu Watch Dec. 4 – What Swine Flu ISN’T Doing this Week

The epidemic has plunged so far that it’s on the borderline of no longer being one. An epidemic, that is. It’s right on the threshold. Deaths are down for the third week in a row and hospitalizations for the fourth week.

But this last week has been a real doozy, with deaths down by more than two thirds and hospitalizations more than 50%. Only half the states now have “widespread activity.” Positive flu samples analyzed at CDC-monitored laboratories are down 92% since the peak of the epidemic, and are at the lowest since flu season began eight weeks ago.

Finally, the dreaded swine flu continues to not wipe out the younger generation. Reports of CDC-defined “influenza-like illness” are down 69% this week on college campuses just from last week, and are just 14% what they were at the height.

At this rate, the swine flu epidemic will be over by next week. Stay tuned for what isn’t happening with swine flu!