Good News: How to Profit from the Coming Nuclear Holocaust

How you can profit from the coming nuclear holocaust will likely be the next publication by the conservative site Newsmax. After all, it just sent out a message from Jarrett Wollstein of Intelligent Options:

Iran War Danger Creates Huge
Investment Opportunities

In the last few days, the danger of expanded war in the Middle East has greatly increased.In Northern Iraq, Turkish troops intensified attacks on Kurds, creating a new danger of intense warfare in this previously largely peaceful area. Also, just yesterday, the Bush administration announced major new sanctions against Iran which make war more likely.

The new U.S. sanctions against Iran include the U.S. freezing Iranian assets in U.S. banks, blacklisting three Iranian state-owned banks and companies controlled by the Iranian defense ministry, and reiterating that the U.S. regards several branches of the Iranian government — including the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. (IRGC) and Iran’s elite Quds Force as terrorist organizations responsible for the deaths of U.S. soldiers through their support of insurgents in Iraq.

The new U.S. sanctions will make it much more difficult for Iran to transact business in the U.S., but more importantly make it unlikely that the U.S. and Iran will peacefully settle their differences over Iran’s nuclear enrichment program — which the U.S. insists is a prelude to Iranian nuclear weapons, and which Iran insists is only for the peaceful production of nuclear energy.

Further sanctions against Iran and U.S. insistence that Iran abandon all nuclear enrichment programs make a diplomatic settlement with Iran less likely. That’s because Iran’s nuclear program is a source of national pride (as well as a major investment), and any Iranian leaders who surrender to the U.S. on this issue would likely be signing their own political death sentence.

The bottom line is that war with Iran is now much more likely before Bush leaves office, with enormous effects on world oil and gold prices, and the U.S. economy.

Of course, whatever one thinks of going to war with Iran, it makes sense to be prepared for the economic consequences. Still, this message has a ghoulish feel to it. It’s almost as if people want war so that they can profit from it.

Such is the world in which we live.