Google Buzz class action settlement

Notice went out today, and five separate people have emailed me in the last hour about the Google Buzz settlement, which I’ve been tracking since it was first announced a couple of weeks ago.  It flunks Rule 23, but, believe it or not, is not the worst settlement in the world (we have four cases pending in Ninth Circuit courts alone that are worse, including one in in Judge Ware’s court).  In addition, this case is going to attract attention from a lot of privacy advocates whether or not the Center for Class Action Fairness gets involved, so I don’t know how much value-added we provide by being the n-th objection.  And I’m a class member, so if we do get involved, I can do so pretty quickly.

Anyway, this is just to say that yes, CCAF is aware of the Google Buzz settlement; we haven’t decided yet whether to get involved because we have six or seven other briefs due between now and Christmas; if you’re interested in getting involved without waiting for that decision, take a look at our Ninth Circuit briefs in the Bluetooth (09-56683) and AOL (10-55129) cases that we filed earlier this year.