Government Workers Oppose Cuts in Government Jobs…Really

It turns out that government workers have a vested interest in opposing cuts in government jobs.  Who knew, right?  The Washington Examiner today ran a depressing news story on that topic, which served as an excellent reminder of one reason why it’s bad to let that beast explode to Abomination size.

At a time when voters across the nation are railing against government spending and the incumbent lawmakers who support it, Northern Virginia, home to a sizable chunk of the federal government’s work force and private contractors dependent on the government’s business, provides a sharp contrast.

The piece goes on to report politician doublespeak — Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-Va.) saying representatives in the Washington area have an obligation to understand this area’s unique partnership with the federal government.

Translation: loads of people in the Washington area feel desperate and entitled to have jobs paid for by taxpayers. So politicians ought to continue to force taxpayers to pay for deadbeat jobs they wouldn’t volunteer to pay for, left to their own devices.

No wonder it’s hard to shrink government from Abomination to human size.  And no wonder the American economy struggles, when the people who generate real growth have to drag along that dead weight.