Green Is the Color of Death

Okay, so the title of this blog post might be a little provocative, but allow me to explain.

The term “green” as used by environmentalists refers to the pristine beauty of nature free from the corrupting influence of humanity, but humanity where ever it exists, by our nature must use our environment for our survival.  When it is broken down, the philosophy of environmentalism is the philosophy of life on earth without humanity at all. Green becomes the color of a forest that grows over unmarked graves.

Everything on this earth has its survival skill. Some animals run fast, some have claws, some have millions of offspring with the hope that a few will survive. Human beings only have one survival trait—our minds. Our ability to look around our world and use our wits has created shelter, clothing,  weapons, food, and medicine,  has increased life spans, reduced infant mortality and most importantly the human mind now allows us to spend less time on just staying alive and more time living and enjoying this world. Human survival and enjoyment are not concerns of environmentalists.

When environmentalists see a beautiful beach, a forest, or a desert, they don’t see environments for humans to live in, they see a world that has value and rights regardless of how humans can use it. When they see a tiger in the jungle or  a deer in a forest they don’t see a life threatening danger or a potential source of food, they see citizens of the world who should be left alone;  they see a world that has value regardless of whether or not people exist.

Really,  what environmentalists usually think of when they look on the world is  how humanity has sullied its pristine beauty. And they invented earth day to remind us all of what a blight we are on the planet. Don’t be fooled by their use of words like “balance” and “living in harmony”. In nature balance is the constant struggle between life and death, creation and destruction. Animals eat and kill, fires burn, waters flood; that is the nature of things. What environmentalists want humanity to do is give up the struggle, to die, and to leave the earth in peace. They won’t even extend the same courtesy they give to animals like wolves that eat other animals or beavers that cut down trees to build dams.

In his article Celebrate Exploit the Earth Day, Craig Biddle demonstrates in stark terms how environmentalists necessarily oppose capitalism as a way to achieve their goal of a world without humanity. Because capitalism is the only system that allows men to use their mind freely to pursue life and happiness as they see it, which means transforming nature for his own ends.

“if people are free to act on their judgment, they will strive to produce and prosper; they will transform the raw materials of nature into the requirements of human life; they will exploit the Earth and live,” says Biddle.

Last month CEI celebrated Human Achievement Hour which was a direct response to the environmentalist holiday “Earth Hour” which asked people to turn off their lights for one hour to petition the government to take action for energy reduction.  In our assessment what Earth Hour organizers wanted was for humanity to stop progressing and “sustain”. With Earth Day, organizers want people to admit that they are evil, the earth is good and therefore we should feel guilty about our very existence and imposition on nature. While earth hour organizers wanted humanity to stop progressing, Earth Day proponents want humanity to regress to a standard of living (if it can be called that) that is even lower than animals.

I for one refuse to accept the environmentalist morality. Today I plan to celebrate human achievement and the necessity of exploiting the earth. For some inspiration about just a few of the amazing things human beings have done on this planet check out this cool video by Drew Tidwell

Humans Make Earth Day Better