Heritage Foundation Wrong on Obama Immigration Enforcement

The Heritage Foundation’s Matt Meyer wrote here that the Obama administration’s year old worksite audit program is resulting in “far fewer deportations of illegal immigrants.”  While that particular program is not designed to deport undocumented immigrants, deportations across the board are up under Obama.

According to the corrected deportations data, deportations under the Obama administration have far exceeded those of the Bush administration.

Matt Meyer also ignores the massive Obama ordered buildup on the Southern border.  As I explained here and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano confirmed here, the Obama administration has deployed 1,200 National Guard troops to Arizona, is seeking an additional $600 million for border security for hiring another 1000 CBP agents, 160 more ICE investigators, 30 more port officers, 20 more K9 teams, and two Predator drones to be used along the Texas border with Mexico.

Add that to more than 90,000 employees in the federal immigration services (the number of CBP agents has doubled since 2004), more than $20 billion devoted to enforcing immigration laws, speeding the completion of the 652 mile border fence, increased I-9 and work place audits, 25,000 planned workplace “inspections” for H-1B visa employers, increases in immigration fees, and saddling the H-2A visa program with new and onerous regulations.

After the Obama administration has done all that how can Matt Meyer possibly say:

“This outcome shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone with an ounce of common sense and places even greater doubt on the non-political aspect of President Barack Obama’s call for ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ (aka, amnesty).”

Matt Meyer also wrote:

“With America’s high unemployment rate, the Obama Administration’s continued blind eye approach to illegal immigration only undermines the ability of citizens and those in the United States legally to find work.”

Just like protectionist policies make Americans poorer than they otherwise would be, cutting off the United States from sources of foreign labor and entrepreneurship would do the same.  Perhaps Matt Meyer should read up on David Ricardo’s theory of comparative advantage or Adam Smith’s insights on the division of labor.  They are as applicable to labor markets as any other.

Matt Meyer’s blog post was particularly and egregiously devoid of facts and figures.  Matt Meyer, anti-Obama rhetoric is not a suitable substitute for facts.